Monday, January 16, 2017

Good week!

I was thinking that in about 2 weeks, I'm going to pass the 6 month mark. Literally a fourth of my mission is almost gone. It's such a weird thought. I feel like I just got here. I can't believe that the time is going so quickly, but I guess that's pretty normal when you're literally busy every second of every day.

This week was pretty normal, but we had some pretty great experiences. We did teach Nolfis again. It's very interesting to teach her, because she comes to every lesson armed and ready with questions, and she expects answers in the Bible. It requires a whole lot of preparation, because she's very intelligent. The last lesson, I felt, got a bit too long and a bit too much into unimportant details. That's a trap that I feel like a lot of missionaries fall into. Rather than teach the simple, basic truths, they fall into trying to "prove" that the church is true with the bible and stuff. I personally prefer to teach simply and let them gain a testimony, which maybe isn't always the best approach. I have to be willing to adjust, even though it's hard. So that's something I've been struggling a little bit with. But it's all good, you learn something from every companion.

But anyway, back to Nolfis. Things were getting a little off track, but she was accepting it all, and I was trying to get it back to the basics. While a returned missionary that was accompanying us was talking, I was just pleading in my heart that I would be able to say something that would be able to help her feel the desire to read the Book of Mormon. And when I finally had the chance to speak, the words that came out weren't mine. They were filled with a power that I could never duplicate no matter how hard I tried. Before I finished my testimony, she was nodding and it seemed to me that she wanted to read the Book of Mormon (which was bad because we didn't have a copy to give her.) But that was pretty amazing.

Other than that, we found again a family that Elder Martinez was teaching. They're a fairly young couple with a 3 year old girl that reminds me of Hallie. And of course, because I'm in Colombia, they're not married, because literally NO ONE HERE IS MARRIED. Sorry, it's a little frustrating sometimes. They're called Jorge and Julis. They want to get married, but neither of them was working so they were worried. Then he got a job and is almost never home, and she went on vacations for the holidays. But before they left, I always saw their desire as being more or less. I was worried we'd have to leave them. But I don't know what changed, we kind of started again at the beginning when we found them and taught the Restoration again. By the end of it, it was amazing, they were saying that they feel comforted knowing that there's a prophet of God here on the earth again. And then we went again on Saturday, and julis said that she got an answer, that she knows the church is true. I almost didn't believe it, because she's always been a little doubtful in how her answer would come, even when we explained it to her repeatedly. Jorge is still unsure, but yesterday he attended church for the first time and really liked it! He was participating in the classes and remembered what we learned about the Restoration. He even wants to download some of the manuals so he can keep reading them.

That was pretty special about this week. I'm really excited for them. Also, the grandparents of the Ward Mission leader should be able to get married soon ( more miracles I'll talk about later), and should be baptized. We passed over the baptismal interview questions with them yesterday. He also has a cousin and nephew that want to get baptized too, but we have to wait a bit on them. Her boyfriend/spouse/whatever doesn't come very often, but when he does she always ends up pregnant. She really wants to get baptized, so when he comes (sometime this month supposedly) she's going to give him an ultimatum. It's incredible, she sees how important the gospel is, she's willing to give him up to be baptized. We will see how it goes.

That's about all the news from this week. I love you all and hope you have a great week

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