Monday, October 31, 2016

Computer Glitch

Well, the computer just erased my first draft, which already had a bunch of stuff written in there, and I don't have much time. Sorry, this is going to be a bit shorter.
We are still here in Santo Tomas, but about  half of our district has changed this transfer. It's weird, I was used to all of the other missionaries. We also had a change in one of our zone leaders. And you'll never believe who it is! It's Elder Burk! Who lives in (...a town near us), and I actually got to meet him today. He seems really nice, though we only had about 10 minutes, and we weren't really talking about home or anything, it was all missionary stuff. But I'm excited to know him better, he seems pretty great. And actually, to use the mission slang, he's my great grandpa. Meaning he trained the trainer of Elder Lezano, who is my current trainer. Go figure.
But this week has been full of ups and downs, but with the help of the Lord, my companion, and my leaders, I've been able to pick myself up and push forward. And I really know now that when we look for the positive, focus on doing good (like what Dad sent me this week) we really are happier. When we only see the frustrations or on the things we can't do, it's harder to be happy. So try to focus on the Good!
G_____ and B_____ are doing well, but we need to refocus on baptism. G_____ hasn't prayed to know if the Church is true and if he should be baptized, so he's really unsure about it. We are praying that he receives an answer soon. And for C_____, the youth that we have, there are some things we have to do, some hoops to jump through. We will see what happens there. But we are going to teach him to be absolutely sure and baptize him should it come to that.
We've found some good people, but we have to be better in follow up. It's one of our goals to improve on. Really the mission is very good at humbling you in almost every aspect of your life, it's interesting. But as long as we are striving to improve, that's all that God wants from us. And He really does bless us as we are trying to improve. This week I felt really blessed during one of our lessons. One of the people we were talking to was having a hard time expressing a doubt, and with the help of the Spirit, I was able to ask a question that helped her to express it. But she hadn't said anything about it, so there was really no way I could have known what her doubt was. But really, the Spirit guides us when we strive to do His work and be worthy of it.
But yeah, that's been my week. Sorry there's not more. I finally found the cable for my camera, but I may have accidentally left my camera in the house.... Sorry, I'll be sure to bring it next week. I've taken a bunch of pictures, I'm excited to send them. I love you all so  much, and you're all in my prayers. I'm really jealous that Dad and Kate get to go on that humanitarian trip, it sounds like fun. I hope you all have a great week, and that you're able to take advantage of any missionary opportunities that come your way! Ciao!

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