Monday, October 3, 2016


P-day pictures


Hi everyone! Sorry, I don't have much time this week. This email will be pretty short. Things are still going well. Wow, the i key on this keyboard is difficult, sorry if I miss a few here and there.
Conference was fantastic, but I feel like I missed a lot of it. It was all in Spanish, but we had some pretty bad English subtitles for it. But I feel like I learned a lot, and I'm very excited for the Liahona. There was an English one in the stake center about an hour from us, but my district leader wanted me to listen in Spanish. So that was difficult, but it worked out well.
I'm very excited to keep working here. We've had to avoid a few election groups, but other than that it's been pretty normal. Not much interestng of that nature.
Just so you know, I expect all of my family and friends to be more involved in the missionary work after this conference, because that was a big theme!
For our meetings we have to take buses. They're super cheap in reality, less then 2 dollars American, but we don't like it much. That motorcycle thing is a motocarro, they're everywhere. Those are what everyone travels in here in Santo Tomas. For pdays, during each transfer, there's one day of soccer, one day of volleyball, one zone activity, one district activity, and 2 free days. Today was the zone activity. We played some games and watched half of The Other Side of Heaven and ate McDonalds hamburgers. It was alright, though I got sunburned during the games.
Elder Troche is great. He's very funny, he loves to joke, and he is really trying to learn English, which helps a lot. He's very good at helping me to step out of my shell. He's very encouraging too. I'm glad that he's my trainer.
I love you all, Thank you for your prayers and thoughts for me, I look forward to writing next week, hopefully with more time.
As for the ankle brace, it's barely bothered me. We can find a brace if it keeps happening.

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